Being unequally yoked dating

With so many marriages failing, a person should not enter into a marriage lightly.

There are so many responsibilities and obligations to one another without jumping into a relationship that one may regret later.

Remember that our goal is to help you prepare for marriage. Don’t simply write the answers you think we expect.

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I was used for singles to vent their frustrations, but all that did was make them feel momentarily better so they could continue in an unhealthy relationship.After being reviewed, an appointment will be made to meet with a pastor, at this time we will determine whether or not to begin the pre-marriage counseling.If you are divorced, what is your custody arrangement?Let's look about it at our new website Questions God.Com if you are curious, searching and looking for purpose here.In order to better serve and provide information for pastors before the actually counseling starts, it is suggested that each couple fill out a questionnaire. This can also be printed from this site for your convenience.


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