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Now we have to ask if Bush is a better player on or off the field? According to various, semi-reliable sources, Reggie Bush is now dating Jessie James. This one didn't screw over Sandra Bullock and there's no evidence that she has a Nazi photo in her closet.The first single released by James in the United States was titled "Wanted." Ironic, no?As far as the Kardashians are concerned, she's now a wanted woman. She's already gotten revenge on Reggie by crapping out five pounds in five days.

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Decker can have James; Bush will soon be onto the next one.

The actor’s eldest son, Cameron Douglas, has welcomed his first child with yoga instructor Viviane Thibes.

Cameron, 39, revealed the news in an Instagram post on Monday, December 18.

I am not mad at him she is definitely is Tiger Style worthy."On the other side of momentum, Bush saw his former love get married in famous fashion when Kim Kardashian married NBA hoopster Kris Humphries.

The fact that the two divorced immediately after may lend some hope for Bush turning things around in the ladies department.


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