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The transition would be preceded by negotiations mediated by the United Nations and a cease-fire.Putin's foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, told reporters that Putin and Obama had a 'quite detailed conversation,' with Syria taking most of the time.Amid ongoing confusion about the fate of the doomed jet, forensic experts also revealed today that initial tests found no explosives on the victims, casting further doubt on claims a bomb may have been responsible Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said the British decision was 'premature', while an aviation officials said teams from Russian and British airlines had inspected Sharm el-Sheikh airport and raised no concerns.While Bedouin tribal groups have used the relative lawlessness of the Sinai region to engage in people, drugs and arms smuggling for decades, organized terror came to the region in the mid-2000s, according to the Middle East Institute.The news came soon after ISIS issued an audio message saying: 'We brought it down, die in your rage.We are under no obligation to explain how it came down.

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With the arrival of the Arab Spring in 2011, jihadi group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis emerged as the new power-player in the region, gaining a huge amount of support following the 2013 ousting of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tests were also being carried out on the fuel pumped into the tanks of the Airbus to check if impurities could have caused it to explode in mid-air and plunge 31,000ft soon after taking off from Sharm El Shekih, killing all 224 people on board.'A driver and employees who brought meals for the passengers of flight 9268 in the morning on October 31 are being interrogated,' a spokesman for Misr Petroleum, one of Egypt's largest oil corporations, told Russian news agency TASS.

The risk was brought into tragic focus in July last year when a Malaysia Airlines passenger flight was shot down in eastern Ukraine by a missile launcher allegedly operated by pro-Russian separatists. However, MH17 is thought to have been destroyed by a sophisticated long-range missile – not the shoulder-launched devices obtained by ISIS gunmen and other rebel groups.

He said they talked about the terror attacks in Paris and other terrorism-related issues.

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