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Now that you're clocking in decent mileage, it's time for the tricks of the trade that make it all the more pleasant.

Stock up on Body Glide to avoid dry, chafed, and blistered skin—don't forget to apply over the nipples (you can also Band-Aid them to prevent the dreaded bloody runner's chest).

Oliveira and Pedroso already had what has been described as a “fraught” relationship, and the sex session appeared to be the “final straw” between the two.

Mentally, I pictured myself as a runner who hit the pavement a few times a week; while physically, I never attempted more than a 5K race (and even that was almost two years ago). Blame it on the chronic shin splints and flat feet, running just wasn't my sport—and that's what made it all the more attractive.

Employing the same "I can do anything better than you" mentality that got me through Cross Fit training, I became determined (obsessed) with finally putting my high-end sneakers to use and decided to become a (half) marathoner in 12 weeks. As a novice runner, the first obstacle to overcome is yourself.

Some 450,000 condoms were allocated for athletes by Olympic athletes, more than three times as many as for the 2012 London Games.

Inevitably I would exaggerate to the sales assistant, advertise myself as a competitive runner and opt for the high-impact, cushioning, running shoes.


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