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She knew she deserved it for being such a nasty slut and pretty soon I came all over her! This beautiful saleswoman comes knocking on the door hoping to make it big sale.

These types of spoiled brats need a real man to teach them a lesson or two. I held the back of her head and forced my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. When the girls scream and fight it just makes these guys hornier.

She kept giving me shit, so I put the little slut on her knees, pulling out my big dick, rubbing it all over her slutty face and pushing it inside her mouth and down her throat. I held her head still and fucked her mouth, making her choke on my dick, she struggled to breathe.

He’s thrusting his magnificent cock so deep inside her and so hard that it looks like he is going to split her body apart.

She is screaming and making herself cum on his dick.


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