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This method takes the item that was modified, the property in the item that was updated, and its old and new values as parameters.Collections also provide the method to notify the collection of changes to a data provider object if the object does not implement the IEvent Dispatcher interface; in this case the object is not monitorable.However, to use a property as the source of a data binding expression, the source object must be implemented to support data binding, which means that the object dispatches an event when the value of the property changes to trigger the binding.In this topic, a property that can be used as the source of a data-binding expression is referred to as a bindable property.

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By disabling the auto update until all changes are made, a control like the Data Grid control can receive an update event as a single batch instead of reacting to multiple events.

The compiler recognizes this situation and issues a warning when you compile the application.

You can ignore that warning for applications that use static data.

You could, for example, build a simple rental-car reservation system that uses collection events.

This application uses Collections include the item Updated() method, which notifies a collection that the underlying data has changed and ensures that the collection’s data view is up to date when items in the underlying data object do not implement the IEvent Dispatcher interface.


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