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Cloud computing, where multiple servers in a data center somewhere process local data so your single local machine doesn't have to, is an entirely different set of technologies.Nest works hard to make it look like their services happen effortlessly, with a user interface that lets the user feel in control.But when the hour arrived, and as luck would have it, the two were aghast to find out that they had in fact been chatting with each other.Needless to say, an argument broke out immediately, much to the amusement of guests and staffers at the eatery.You'd be hard-pressed to find a conversation about the new Nest Cam this week that doesn't include some form of unrest about the subscription portion of the product.Aside from the additional monthly cost, there's a significant chunk of users out there that don't understand why it is Nest doesn't offer the ability to manage Nest Cam locally, including storage the user might already own.The lack of a functional long-term local backup means you have to trust the folks at Nest with your data, and when it comes to the security of your home that can be a big ask for some.

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In the case of Nest Cam, more specifically the Nest Aware service powering the camera, relying on a third party would be disastrous.A day was fixed, a time set and a restaurant agreed upon.It was an old favourite at the Aub Khan crossing in Bareilly.Around the same time, his wife too met an "exciting prospect" on the net.The chats started soon and, about three months later, the "boy and girl" decided to meet.As users, we frequently mistake "cloud services" as code words for online storage and easy access.


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