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She sung a duet with JJ Lin titled "Bottom of the Heart" as part of the movie's soundtrack.In 2012, Angelababy starred in alongside Mark Chao in First Time, a remake of the 2003 Korean film ..In September 2003, Tsai helped American singer Madonna translate her children's book, titled The English Roses, into traditional Chinese, as well as successively translated five other Madonna's books since then.Beginning in August 2004, Tsai embarked on her first concert tour, J1 World Tour.Tsai was forced to cancel the pole dance performance, which was originally planned to be performed during the Taipei stop of the tour in December 2012, but she eventually performed the pole dance during the Kaohsiung stop in April 2013.

Angelababy had been dating Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who is 11 years her senior, for six years, but their relationship was not revealed to the public until February 2014.

An accident occurred during her rehearsal for the second leg of the tour.

Tsai fell during the upside-down pole dance practice after her male dancing partner's hand slipped, which left her with a dislocated spine that led to muscle spasms.

On , they obtained their marriage certificate in Qingdao, China In the same month, Angelababy sued a Ruili clinic for US,000 for referring to her as a recipient of plastic surgery.

An examination she underwent at a Beijing hospital concluded that her face showed no signs of prior surgical work.


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