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I’ve been online dating for a while now, and I’ve started to notice a trend with a lot of the men who have contacted me.By way of background, I just ended a three month relationship with a man whom I met online because he did not want to be exclusive.Not that Mum was revolting or anything, she was just a plain mumsy type, about 5'6'', size 12, 36B/C boobs (I've since seen her bra-labels and assume they've not grown), pleasant face (but never any make-up - quite old-fashioned in that respect), delicate feminine hands, nice enough legs (never trousers, always knee-length skirts and dresses) rarely bare-legged but always wore tights by that age, stockings when I was younger (although oddly she has gone back to wearing stockings occasionally - probably a personal comfort thing).She was and is a genuinely nice, kind, loving, shy, modest woman - almost completely selfless in her behaviour, I know nobody even close to her kindness.That’s why half of my questions are versions of: “He sleeps with me, but-“, “He says he loves me, but-“, “We had an amazing date, but-“.One of the most important – and frustrating – concepts that women need to get about men is that most things have NO meaning, beyond what’s being conveyed in the moment.Has looking for a relationship on a dating website become taboo? (Most women could probably say the same.) Therefore, you have to take any information in an online dating profile with a grain of salt.It’s not that he DOESN’T mean what he wrote; it just means he meant it AT THAT MOMENT.

Yet about 6 months after my Dad died (by then she was 65 and I was 40, married with kids ) when I got bored of the usual wanking subjects (women at work, my mother in law, friends and so on) I found myself occasionally fantasising about having sex with her.As to the turn-off, I guess it was just that she was my mother and I her son, so why would I feel anything other than that?It was the "correct "order of things, the way things "ought" to be and I was an inexperienced kid with plenty of other new stuff to explore sexually.Which leaves me a number of questions that I’d like you to consider: These are real considerations that go through the heads of real guys who want real relationships. You may feel that: “I just want a guy to be honest with me.But just because a man aspires to love doesn’t mean he’s above the lust and passion that comes from short-term flings. Believe me, I sometimes want to have sex, too, but I just want to know where I stand. He should be man enough to tell me the truth.” Sorry. The truth is that we’re attracted to you in this moment. And often the difference between the players and the committers is YOU. So if you’re done spinning your wheels on the wrong men and want to get an edge with the right men, click here to learn more.This is in accordance with the way we act on a date as well.


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