America bottleneck cheetah dating genetic

The cheetah has specialized for speed through many adaptations: It is endowed with a powerful heart, oversized liver, and large, strong arteries.

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The distinguishing marks of a cheetah are the long tear-drop shaped lines on each side of the nose from the corner of its eyes to its mouth.

The cheetahs coat is tan to a yellow-buff colour, with smaller, less distinct spots between larger spots, and a white belly.

Near the end of the tail, the spots merge to form several dark rings. Although male cheetah are often slightly bigger than females and have slightly larger heads, males and females are difficult to tell apart by appearance alone.

The sisters had both mated with a wild-caught male from the Transvaal area (where King Cheetahs had been recorded).

Further King Cheetahs were later born at the Centre.


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