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That all changed when the Jewish Telegraph, a local newspaper, approached a leading kilt-maker and asked them to come up with three possible tartans to represent Scotland’s Jews.

Designs had to conform not only to Scottish tradition, but also to Jewish law: that meant no mixing wool and linen fibers, which the Torah forbids.

Scotland’s Jews now have their own tartan: the distinctive plaid patterns that represent Scottish clans.

Tartan kilts are popular in Scotland, but until recently, Scottish Jews have had to borrow the tartans of other groups when they wanted to sport kilts.

At the end of his sentence, the authorities brought Lord Gordon to court, where he was asked to remove his hat and swear to behave lawfully in the future.

As a Jew, Lord Gordon refused to remove his head-covering.

Doreen Cohen is the world’s only purveyor of kosher haggis, the Scottish national dish consisting of sheep’s “pluck” (organs), mixed with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt, and consumed each year on January 25 as the centerpiece in Burns Night Suppers, commemorating the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

“We do vegetarian haggis and meat haggis,” the Glasgow caterer explains.

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“The quality of the fish was outstanding,” explains Aaron Forman, great-grandson of the founder of London’s oldest smokery, who still makes lox from fine Scottish salmon today.

The Jewish immigrants called their smoked salmon “lachs” from the Yiddish word for salmon, and their invention soon spread to Jewish communities around the world – as well as to Scotland itself, where smoked salmon is now considered a national dish.


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