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IGALAK has received funds from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (ARUC).

This initiative is the result of a partnership between Université Laval (CIÉRA) and Filteris, member of the CIRIUZ Group.

IGALAK is an opportunity for Université Laval, Quebec City and Canada to jointly claim to be an observatory of the Aboriginal People of the circumpolar world.

IGALAK is a Web portal that focuses on innovation, and enables digital technology to contribute in promoting science and research.

Her role as executive director of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission allowed her to collaborate with non-inuit historians as with Inuit elders onto the reconstruction of the events that happened during the 50’ and 60’ in the Baffin Island area which have lead to the Inuit sedentarization.

Among the earliest living beings were the raven and the fox.

One day they met, and fell into talk, as follows:“Let us keep the dark and be without daylight,” said the fox.

This conference constitutes an excellent occasion to examine how knowledge is shared between researchers and Inuit, what is the impact of Inuit knowledge on scientific learning (and vice versa), what types of relations exist between researchers and Inuit during and after fieldwork, and how Inuit approach, perceive, and contribute to research.

-- SUBMISSION PERIOD HAS ENDED -- But you may still register to attend: Register Now During the first period after the creation of the earth, all was darkness.


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