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John’s vulnerability leads him to levels of personal sacrifice most commonly reserved for female characters.Like River from , John is pursued relentlessly for the information inside of his brain.As the show progresses, John and Aeryn grow closer and begin to even each other out somewhat.John learns how to better function in his new environment and is less noticeably “weak,” while Aeryn matures emotionally, finally able to have meaningful relationships with others, and learns to value John for his sense of humor and creative brain.Similarly, Aeryn’s life is enriched rather than lessened by becoming a parent. I fought more while pregnant than you ever did before you found this kid! In her other spare time, she sells nerdware as With a Grain of Salt Designs, Tweets, and Tumbls.

Usually, the romantic love of a good woman is where this process begins, although occasionally, this occurs via a parent/child relationship.I wanted to start this article, “John Crichton and River Tam walk into a bar, followed by creepy scientists wearing blue gloves and a weird guy with a brain-torture chair.River looks at John and says, ‘They just want me for my brains,’ to which John replies, ‘Hey, me too! There is so much to love about the show – good science fiction, great characters, Jim Henson creations, and most of all, the incredibly interesting relationship between John Crichton, the human astronaut thrown into a strange world of living ships, alien cultures, and extreme vulnerability, and Aeryn Sun, the Sebacean Peacekeeper born into a society in which emotional attachment, empathy, and respect for ‘lesser species’ are strongly discouraged.A cursory glance could dismiss John and Aeryn as the requisite science fiction heteronormative, physically attractive couple.John is immediately attracted to Aeryn Sun, but she has very little use for him until he begins to prove his worth as a crew member aboard Moya.


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